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… A scalable business model to increase your revenue without increasing the time you have to invest in your business

… To focus on the activities that deliver value to your business

… Organizational efficiency 

… A business that is designed to run on automatic

… For every aspect of your business to work harmoniously

… To understand how “your numbers” play a role in your business and how you can use that data

… To build the business that you’ve always dreamed of


… Have a consistent and effective marketing strategy in place that is laser focused on building a customer base full of raving fans

… Have a laser-focused marketing strategy to market to clients that actually want/need to do business with you. 

… Stop setting aside the things that you know will lead to explosive growth

… Stop spending money on things you aren’t seeing results from

… Stop being a workaholic and taking “workcations” and actually be able to enjoy time off

… Spend more time doing the things you love 

… Bring balance back into your life 

… Step out of the entrepreneur role and into the CEO seat 

Build a profitable and thriving business 

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to do it all and you don’t have to do it alone. 

I’m here for you with a tool belt full of proven strategies, tactics and concepts that I’ve gathered in my 15 years of working with business owners. 

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Team Management


Meet Sam


Samantha Jade is a dynamic and talented business systems and marketing expert.

She has been a small business advisor for over 15 years. Sam serves her clients as a Virtual COO and is certified by the International Association of Online Business Managers.

She is the founder and CEO of “That’s SMART Business”, an Online Virtual COO agency based in south Florida, with clients all over the U.S. That’s SMART Business helps business owners make sound decisions and create the right opportunities.

Her goal is to help her clients:

  • solidify their overall business strategy by optimizing operational processes
  • develop and manage effective marketing initiatives
  • implement initiatives to coach team members to optimize their capabilities
  • spearhead strategies to build a solid foundation
  • steer the company’s future into continued growth and profitability

She creates strategic marketing and operating plans. Sam then helps her client execute via social media marketing, content creation, SEO, integrating technology, improving accountability, creating dashboards, measuring performance, improving communication and promoting collaboration.

Sam is a female business leader who packs a punch. She is personable and fun to work with, yet professional and efficient while being knowledgeable and competent. Her network of experts in small, medium and large businesses allows her to execute beyond just her capabilities. Her clients all rave that she has skyrocketed their profits.


What My Clients are Saying

“She provided action steps for me to take… she aligned them to my goals and what made the most sense within my business. 

“Sam took the time to understand my business and what my goals were and provided me with a solid strategy to take my business from the initial stages to the implementation phase while eliminating the overwhelm.”



“Sam is great to work with. She makes things so much easier for me and keeps our operations organized. She’s very detailed and took the time to understand our business and our customers to put the right processes in place.”


Founder, Hurricane Shutter Pros

“Working with Sam on my business has been amazing. Not only has she provided action steps for me to take, but she aligned them to my goals and what made the most sense within my business. I know she has my business’s success in mind with everything we work on together and tells me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear. She has been the kick in the pants that I needed in order to get my business going in the right direction. I am grateful for our working relationship and couldn’t be happier with her and her service.”


Founder, Harley Raptor, CPA

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